Referral Program

Most of my work comes about from word-of-mouth. People that are shown work I've done with another department, people that I've worked with in the past, and people that meet me at events recommend me to their boss(es), friend(s), colleague(s), or other decision maker(s).

To show my gratitude, I've set up a referral program. This is a simple, informal "thank you".

Any individual that is directly responsible for a new client hiring Blou Designs will receive a $50 (USD) Amazon voucher.


Below are some guidelines for how this works.
  1. Only one voucher per engagement.
    Only one individual can receive the voucher, not an entire team.
  2. This program applies to new leads only.
    A new lead would be a new manager or decision maker in the same department, a new department, or a new company.
  3. This program applies to most, but not all, engagements.
    The engagement invoice must exceed $500 (USD) in order to be eligible for the voucher.
  4. Vouchers will only be given once the first invoice has cleared.
  5. Referrals should be mentioned at the point of first contact.
    Here's an example:
    Hi! Rob Smith, one of my employees, has recommended you for a custom Excel macro project.

    And here's another example:
    Hi! It's Allison. We worked together on Project X. I'm in a new department now, and my new boss gave me permission to contact you about creating a quick data conversion tool for us.
  6. Referrals cannot be back-dated.
    If you've referred me in the past, let me say again that I really appreciate it. But only referrals given from this point forward will count for the referral program.
  7. This program is subject to change.
    If something happens that means this program is no longer working for me, I reserve the right to stop it or change it at any time.
  8. Grey areas will be covered on a case-by-case basis.
    We can discuss any grey areas that come up.
If you have any questions about this program, please send an email to